New server… sort of

Earlier today I largely finished migrating my server from an old and crusty Ubuntu 18.04 Linode – which had seen many Ubuntu upgrades – to a new openSUSE Leap 15.1-based Linode. I’m quite partial to openSUSE, I run Tumbleweed on my desktop and find it to be one of the best KDE desktop setups I’ve ever experienced. openSUSE Leap on server is also pretty cool and seems to be handling Firestick and everything else I host well.

The old server has been turned into a 80 GB ext4 disk image living on one of my hard drives, ready for me to mount and get data off of should I need it. I wanted to use btrfs on the new machine but I think ext4 will do fine; I don’t particularly need any of the fanciness btrfs offers anyway.

I still need to finish setting up Munin and a few other things though, and I’ve noticed PHP is slightly slower on this new machine. Either I’ve missed some caching and performance options, or maybe it’s because it uses PHP 7.2 instead of 7.3. Either way, it runs well so far.

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