Splatfest is done

And Ketchup fucking won! I mean, we won by three quarters of a percent — but we won. So it just goes to show – justice happens when you’re not being gerrymandered. Plus, I guess those 19 Pro battles weren’t in vain.

This weekend was a hell of a lot of fun. I think I played like 20 hours of Splatoon 2 with 142 battles total – quite a lot, but I enjoyed every second. GG to Team Mayo – you put up a good fight, and of course GG to Ketchup, as you also put up a good fight in the ten thousand mirror matches I played.

This is my personal highlight of this Splatfest. Fresh off the microSD card – no Twitter compression, just for this special occasion.

I hope Nintendo does more of these Splatfest reruns – it’s so much fun. But I’ll still treasure this weekend anyway 🙂

Oh, and I won a bet based on the results of the Splatfest… anyone know any good Steam games $7 USD or under?

Splatfest time!!!

Splatfest title screen
Isn’t it a beautiful sight to see?

This weekend will be wholly occupied by the current Splatoon 2 Splatfest, as Nintendo is doing a re-run of the first international Splatfest, Mayo vs. Ketchup, which originally occured in 2017. Why? Probably because the original was gerrymandered, but also because it gives us something to do in quarantine. I’m on Team Ketchup – and this time we’ll win, damn you.

And after this I’ll probably port my IRC bot to Discord (again) and work on other projects. But prior to that – Team Ketchup needs justice.