Splatfest is done

And Ketchup fucking won! I mean, we won by three quarters of a percent — but we won. So it just goes to show – justice happens when you’re not being gerrymandered. Plus, I guess those 19 Pro battles weren’t in vain.

This weekend was a hell of a lot of fun. I think I played like 20 hours of Splatoon 2 with 142 battles total – quite a lot, but I enjoyed every second. GG to Team Mayo – you put up a good fight, and of course GG to Ketchup, as you also put up a good fight in the ten thousand mirror matches I played.

This is my personal highlight of this Splatfest. Fresh off the microSD card – no Twitter compression, just for this special occasion.

I hope Nintendo does more of these Splatfest reruns – it’s so much fun. But I’ll still treasure this weekend anyway 🙂

Oh, and I won a bet based on the results of the Splatfest… anyone know any good Steam games $7 USD or under?

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