New domain

So I’ve been using the nickname DrinkyBird for a while now, and even worse, haven’t used the nickname my old domain was named after for a long while. Given that the Firestick domain was due for renewal I decided to buy my new domain, I’ve already set up HTTP redirects for everything on the old domain.

I’m also moving my email address, which is going to take a bloody long while, as it has to work through four years of my crap. I’ll also have to see how Zoho handles mail forwarding to see if I can properly redirect my old domain’s email to my new one. It appears to be easy to set up, I just hope it doesn’t throw away spam while forwarding, as Zoho’s antispam is a little bit triggerhappy…

I give up

I don’t know what change or bug is causing WordPress to scale my images in such a horrible fashion, but I can’t be bothered to deal with it anymore. Seems to be to do with the container width being too thin, or something. I don’t know, I give up. At least it gives me something to write about, I guess.

I changed the theme to Twenty Fifteen. I also made it purple.

It’ll do.

The theme broked, I think

Not sure when, but at some point a WordPress update broke my theme quite subtley, as images seem to be horribly stretched. This is most noticeable on the “Comments” and “I bought a Wii U” articles. I use a slightly modified Twenty Bean theme, which makes it responsive among a few other tweaks. The theme hasn’t ever been updated since I made it in Februrary though and is probably slightly incompatible with the newer WordPress versions. The best course of action, I think, would be to just clone the Twenty Ten repo at the point I made my own theme, then copy my changes over it, then merge my way up to the current version.

Or just switch to Jekyll again, so I can switch back to WordPress after not blogging for a few months. Yeah, that usually works out well…

Update: nope, just WordPress being a buggy thing. The theme is fine, I guess? It affects some other themes too. Oh well, not sure what I can do to fix it.

Obligatory post to prove this blog isn’t dead

Well, it is, lol.

Not much has happened over the past 4 months, really… just playing a lot of Splatoon. Another Splatfest happened, and my team won, of course…

On the note of Nintendo stuff, they recently just announced their stuff for the 35th anniersary of Super Mario, including a bundle including Mario 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy for the Switch – an instant pre-order for me. There’s also another Splatfest happening in a few months to celebrate the event. Given that it’s an entirely new Splatfest, I wonder what the Shifty Station will be?

I also got a laptop, just some fairly cheap Lenovo laptop with a Ryzen 5 3500U. It performs well enough, but the screen’s not great (viewing angles, ugh!) and the touchpad is mediocre. It also has 2GB of its RAM dedicated to the GPU until the end of time, so I’ll have to buy some laptop DDR4 at some point. It’s not awful for my intended purpose of casual chilling and lightweight work, though. The screen is high DPI (125%) so it’s fun seeing all the applications that are blurry as fuck because they don’t indicate DPI awareness properly.

That’s pretty much it. Was working on something for a game jam, but that failed as I got kinda busy. My sleep cycle is also completly fucked, as indicated by the fact that I am writing this at 5am.