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New domain

So I’ve been using the nickname DrinkyBird for a while now, and even worse, haven’t used the nickname my old domain was named after for a long while. Given that the Firestick domain was due for renewal I decided to … Continue reading

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I give up

I don’t know what change or bug is causing WordPress to scale my images in such a horrible fashion, but I can’t be bothered to deal with it anymore. Seems to be to do with the container width being too … Continue reading

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The theme broked, I think

Not sure when, but at some point a WordPress update broke my theme quite subtley, as images seem to be horribly stretched. This is most noticeable on the “Comments” and “I bought a Wii U” articles. I use a slightly … Continue reading

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Obligatory post to prove this blog isn’t dead

Well, it is, lol. Not much has happened over the past 4 months, really… just playing a lot of Splatoon. Another Splatfest happened, and my team won, of course… On the note of Nintendo stuff, they recently just announced their … Continue reading

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