New domain

So I’ve been using the nickname DrinkyBird for a while now, and even worse, haven’t used the nickname my old domain was named after for a long while. Given that the Firestick domain was due for renewal I decided to buy my new domain, I’ve already set up HTTP redirects for everything on the old domain.

I’m also moving my email address, which is going to take a bloody long while, as it has to work through four years of my crap. I’ll also have to see how Zoho handles mail forwarding to see if I can properly redirect my old domain’s email to my new one. It appears to be easy to set up, I just hope it doesn’t throw away spam while forwarding, as Zoho’s antispam is a little bit triggerhappy…

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  1. Jerome says:

    Glad I found somebody that could contact “Hyptnotoad”. Using “Rocket Launcher” and happen to come by a icon that is perfect for it. Its ( Its a large rocket in the same scheme as before but cleaner and more precise. You / he will like. If I manage to find the toads addy, I will note him, otherwise maybe you will find the time to pas it along.



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