I made it through alive

Well, it’s been two weeks since my flatmate started showing symptoms and I had to start self isolating. I’ve made it through fine, I haven’t had any symptoms or illnesses or anything. So either I’m a master at evading disease, or I caught it and was totally asymptomatic. Either way, I can finally go to McDonald’s for the first time in like two weeks tomorrow. So there’s that.

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2 Responses to I made it through alive

  1. Jerome says:

    Although no real proof, it seems that a rising number of new cases are infecting folks that have a higher ability to fight it off. It is somewhat forseeable as first cases are always those that are most susceptible and easily infected. Hopefully this means that some type of “herd immunity” variation is going on so the virus has to “work harder” to be a real problem to the host. Time will tell. Hope our McDonalds trip also included a coupon so you got a double deal.

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