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Meta Quest Move Overlay

By just pressing one button, you too can turn your Quest 2 into an unusable laggy mess: I had to factory reset it. (And after I did that, the OS crashed the first time I used Quest Link.) Quality software…

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Some Linux woes

I’ve been playing with Linux on my main machine again, because Windows as a development environment annoys me and my MacBook Pro, while I love it, won’t be replacing my big machine any time soon for a number of reasons. … Continue reading

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Wii U update

USB storage My previous Anker SD card reader broke – it would think all full-size SD cards inserted into it were write-protected, even though they weren’t – so I ended up buying a UGREEN SD card adapter instead. It works … Continue reading

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I bought a Wii U

I always wanted a Wii U, but …never got one. It might’ve been a commerical failure, but the first party games made it worth it: Splatoon, Wind Waker HD, Mario Maker with a thin stylus! Also, Miiverse. Whether that’s a … Continue reading

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