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Splatfest is done

And Ketchup fucking won! I mean, we won by three quarters of a percent — but we won. So it just goes to show – justice happens when you’re not being gerrymandered. Plus, I guess those 19 Pro battles weren’t … Continue reading

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Splatfest time!!!

This weekend will be wholly occupied by the current Splatoon 2 Splatfest, as Nintendo is doing a re-run of the first international Splatfest, Mayo vs. Ketchup, which originally occured in 2017. Why? Probably because the original was gerrymandered, but also … Continue reading

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Comments is a small demo I wrote to play around with three.js and It gives you a procedurally-generated practically infinite world for you to roam about in, and you can leave comments for other players to see. Both the … Continue reading

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Jetpack has decided they’ll be dropping their mobile theme in March, which sucks – I used it to have decent themes on both desktop and mobile. Unfortunately there aren’t really any other responsive themes I like as much as Twenty … Continue reading

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New server… sort of

Earlier today I largely finished migrating my server from an old and crusty Ubuntu 18.04 Linode – which had seen many Ubuntu upgrades – to a new openSUSE Leap 15.1-based Linode. I’m quite partial to openSUSE, I run Tumbleweed on … Continue reading

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Wii U update

USB storage My previous Anker SD card reader broke – it would think all full-size SD cards inserted into it were write-protected, even though they weren’t – so I ended up buying a UGREEN SD card adapter instead. It works … Continue reading

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I bought a Wii U

I always wanted a Wii U, but …never got one. It might’ve been a commerical failure, but the first party games made it worth it: Splatoon, Wind Waker HD, Mario Maker with a thin stylus! Also, Miiverse. Whether that’s a … Continue reading

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Review of Splatoon 2 gamemodes

I want to actually blog about something but I have nothing interesting to say, so here’s me ranting about Splatoon, which is literally the only thing I play anymore: Turf War is the classic. It’s the game’s iconic gamemode. There’s … Continue reading

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I don’t think OpenLiveWriter likes Let’s Encrypt

Even with a fresh Travis build it doesn’t want to work over HTTPS. Had to use insecure HTTPS to get it to work. That’s what happened with me in the past two months. Maybe I’ll do something interesting eventually.

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Well, here we are again

So, I’m going to try blogging again. This hasn’t gone well the previous tries, where I said I was going to try blogging and never updated the blog again. The new WordPress block-based editor is pretty cool, and I much … Continue reading

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