Hi. I don’t know what you want to know about me. Follow me on Twitch or smth idk

Some stuff I have made

  • Firestick Games – UK-based Zandronum server chain
  • SplatColour – Splatoon ink colour modding tool
  • BeanCafiine – Wii U modding tool
  • BirdNet – various Elite Dangerous tools and stuff
  • Comments – A little game where you walk around an infinite world leaving and reading notes
  • DeACC – ZDoom ACS bytecode disassembler
  • WadScrambler – Scrambles Doom WAD files
  • LiteSpree – Zandronum mod adding Unreal-style sprees and multikills
  • Jimmothy – Bot for the official Jumpmaze Discord server
  • Klack – comic book reader
  • Omniscient – Doom IWAD patcher for Windows

Some stuff I have been involved in

  • Zandronum – modern Doom source port with client-server multiplayer
  • TSPG – Semi-automatic free Zandronum server hosting
  • Jumpmaze – Mod for Zandronum focused around jumping puzzles and speedrunning
  • Jumpmaze Community Edition – community-made Jumpmaze maps