Greetings, and welcome to my webzone. There used to be a blog here but it was boring and I never wrote anything – my life isn’t particularly interesting – so now there is this page.

My main interest is games: usually playing, sometimes making, breaking, modding, analysis. I also have an interest in technology new and old, limited mostly by money. My hobbies are mostly programming, and the odd bit of content creation. You can follow me on Twitter (if that still exists at the time you’re reading this), or check out my YouTube or Twitch if you like infrequent mainly-Splatoon video content. I’ve been told I have a pleasing voice.

Here’s some stuff that’s actually here:

  • Omniscient, a graphical Doom IWAD patcher
  • BirdNet, a website of data from Elite Dangerous
  • IkaSpy, competitive analysis of Splatoon 2

Here’s some things I have made that aren’t here:

  • LiteSpree, a Zandronum mod adding Unreal-style sprees and multikills
  • BeanCafiine, a Wii U Cafiine server written in C
  • WadScrambler, a silly tool that scrambles Doom WAD files and creates horrifying results
  • MCarmada, a Minecraft Classic server written in C#. No longer maintained.
  • DeACC, a ZDoom ACS disassembler
  • alphaproxy, a HTTP proxy that allows early alpha/beta of Minecraft to authenticate using the new Microsoft auth method
  • comments, a no longer running 3D web game where you wander around a procedural world and leave other people comments to read
  • Catacombs 51, my entry for the Ludum Dare 51 game jam.

Some things that aren’t on this site that I’ve made or been involved in:

Toy projects I hacked at for a bit: