Thoughts on Elite Dangerous: Odyssey

So the alpha for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey started about a fortnight ago and I’ve been playing it fairly often since. First off, wow, this alpha is unoptimised. Walking around on a planet runs at 15fps at 1080p, even though all my graphics settings are set to the lowest possible. Hopefully this is just going to be an alpha quirk.

Despite that, though, it is actually pretty fun. Phase 1 was a little bit rubbish – no ships, just taxis and missions where you had no idea what you were doing. But now that Phase 2 of the alpha lets us use the combat oriented suit and actually learn how combat works in the ground-based Combat Zones, I now actually understand how to play the bloody missions and actually enjoy them instead of immediately dying. Combat especially is really fun, it’s a solid first-person shooter with fun gunplay that integrates pretty well with the existing mechanics of the base game. Combat Zones use a capture points-style game mode which helps concentrate the players in the CZ into specific areas for them to fight. Getting dropped out of a Vulture into battle is pretty cool, too.

The land-based missions that can be done are also quite cool – there are variants of existing mission types like assassinations and exterminations, but there are also new types like settlement shutdown and recovery missions. There are multiple ways to approach the mission, usually boiling down to going in stealth or just running in and hope you can run back out alive. Either way seems to usually end in my death though.

Today (I want to say tomorrow, but it’s 02:33 as I write this…) Frontier is apparently releasing phase 3 of the alpha, which focuses on exploration. Not sure what that includes, but it probably has something to do with the new Exobiologist rank… I’ll be sure to lag around whatever cool places people find and post on the forums, I guess. I can’t wait until we get to see the properly atmospheric planets, as currently the only ones we have access to have really thin atmospheres. They’re pretty nonetheless, but the planets with the blue skies as shown in trailers look really beautiful. Unfortunately I don’t think that’s going to appear in the alpha.

Unfortunately the alpha currently has a number of bugs, many of which I’m sure the devs are painfully aware of. Namely, there’s a pretty bad bug where interacting with a terminal or NPC while running can cause you to start gliding and clipping through walls, and if you’re unlucky when you exit that interaction you’re suddenly blasted into deep space several dozens of kilometres away from the starport you’re in. I’ve had this happen a couple times, once requiring Frontier support to rescue me. Some of the new UI changes look nice, but have flaws: the galaxy map misses many minor feature and some information is less immediately visible and hidden behind another button. The new outfitting interface especially is a mess. There’s also some… general weirdness, like AI pilots getting stuck randomly, or corpses just lying around in starports and not being acknowledged by NPCs.

Overall, though, Odyssey is pretty cool and I’m definitely excited for it. (I mean, I ought to be, I paid £40 for the deluxe alpha pre-order ). I do hope the issues it currently has can be resolved in time – Frontier’s targeting a release date of late spring, which is awfully close…

The omnipresent Sleepy Pete would say hi if he weren’t so tired from having to be in every starport at the same time

Anyway, I’m off to bed now. Goodnight

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This theme, again

I’ve gone back to Twenty Ten as my blog theme – I really like this theme. It’s yet still looks really good, even if it is 11 years old at this point.

I’ve had to modify it a bit, to make it responsive and fix the broken image sizes. But unless WordPress breaks it again in an irreparable way, it’s here to stay.

Also, it’s almost 2am, lol

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Still here

I forget this blog still exists. Not much interesting happened in the 5 months since I last used this blog, as per usual. Nowadays when I’m not working on my usual projects that never come to fruition, I’m streaming on Twitch or very slowly working on YouTube videos.

I recently read JTHM and its spinoff Squee, which inspired me to make something different for once in the form of Klack. I also updated Omniscient to add another IWAD, whew.

That’s about it… now I go back to doing nothing particularly productive while listening to whatever Spotify gives me

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I made it through alive

Well, it’s been two weeks since my flatmate started showing symptoms and I had to start self isolating. I’ve made it through fine, I haven’t had any symptoms or illnesses or anything. So either I’m a master at evading disease, or I caught it and was totally asymptomatic. Either way, I can finally go to McDonald’s for the first time in like two weeks tomorrow. So there’s that.

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fun times

Flatmate got corona, now I can’t leave for a fortnight. Currently don’t have any symptoms myself, yet……………………………


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New domain

So I’ve been using the nickname DrinkyBird for a while now, and even worse, haven’t used the nickname my old domain was named after for a long while. Given that the Firestick domain was due for renewal I decided to buy my new domain, I’ve already set up HTTP redirects for everything on the old domain.

I’m also moving my email address, which is going to take a bloody long while, as it has to work through four years of my crap. I’ll also have to see how Zoho handles mail forwarding to see if I can properly redirect my old domain’s email to my new one. It appears to be easy to set up, I just hope it doesn’t throw away spam while forwarding, as Zoho’s antispam is a little bit triggerhappy…

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I give up

I don’t know what change or bug is causing WordPress to scale my images in such a horrible fashion, but I can’t be bothered to deal with it anymore. Seems to be to do with the container width being too thin, or something. I don’t know, I give up. At least it gives me something to write about, I guess.

I changed the theme to Twenty Fifteen. I also made it purple.

It’ll do.

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The theme broked, I think

Not sure when, but at some point a WordPress update broke my theme quite subtley, as images seem to be horribly stretched. This is most noticeable on the “Comments” and “I bought a Wii U” articles. I use a slightly modified Twenty Bean theme, which makes it responsive among a few other tweaks. The theme hasn’t ever been updated since I made it in Februrary though and is probably slightly incompatible with the newer WordPress versions. The best course of action, I think, would be to just clone the Twenty Ten repo at the point I made my own theme, then copy my changes over it, then merge my way up to the current version.

Or just switch to Jekyll again, so I can switch back to WordPress after not blogging for a few months. Yeah, that usually works out well…

Update: nope, just WordPress being a buggy thing. The theme is fine, I guess? It affects some other themes too. Oh well, not sure what I can do to fix it.

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Obligatory post to prove this blog isn’t dead

Well, it is, lol.

Not much has happened over the past 4 months, really… just playing a lot of Splatoon. Another Splatfest happened, and my team won, of course…

On the note of Nintendo stuff, they recently just announced their stuff for the 35th anniersary of Super Mario, including a bundle including Mario 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy for the Switch – an instant pre-order for me. There’s also another Splatfest happening in a few months to celebrate the event. Given that it’s an entirely new Splatfest, I wonder what the Shifty Station will be?

I also got a laptop, just some fairly cheap Lenovo laptop with a Ryzen 5 3500U. It performs well enough, but the screen’s not great (viewing angles, ugh!) and the touchpad is mediocre. It also has 2GB of its RAM dedicated to the GPU until the end of time, so I’ll have to buy some laptop DDR4 at some point. It’s not awful for my intended purpose of casual chilling and lightweight work, though. The screen is high DPI (125%) so it’s fun seeing all the applications that are blurry as fuck because they don’t indicate DPI awareness properly.

That’s pretty much it. Was working on something for a game jam, but that failed as I got kinda busy. My sleep cycle is also completly fucked, as indicated by the fact that I am writing this at 5am.

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SplatColour v1.2

I recently released a new version of my Splatoon ink colour editor, SplatColour. It now has a convenient file list, which saves you the effort of having to manually open and save parameter files every time; just specify the location of your Parameter folder. Also, it has an icon now.

See the SplatColour page on this site for more info.

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