Here’s some stuff that’s actually here:

  • Omniscient, a graphical Doom IWAD patcher
  • BirdNet, a website of data from Elite Dangerous

Here’s some things I have made that aren’t here:

  • LiteSpree, a Zandronum mod adding Unreal-style sprees and multikills
  • BeanCafiine, a Wii U Cafiine server written in C
  • WadScrambler, a silly tool that scrambles Doom WAD files and creates horrifying results
  • MCarmada, a Minecraft Classic server written in C#. No longer maintained.
  • DeACC, a ZDoom ACS disassembler
  • alphaproxy, a HTTP proxy that allows early alpha/beta of Minecraft to authenticate using the new Microsoft auth method
  • comments, a no longer running 3D web game where you wander around a procedural world and leave other people comments to read
  • Catacombs 51, my entry for the Ludum Dare 51 game jam.

Some things that aren’t on this site that I’ve made or been involved in:

  • Zandronum, a modern Doom source port with client-server multiplayer. I maintain its wiki and sometimes help out development
  • Jumpmaze, a mod for Zandronum focused around jumping puzzles and speedrunning

Toy projects I hacked at for a bit: