New domain

So I’ve been using the nickname DrinkyBird for a while now, and even worse, haven’t used the nickname my old domain was named after for a long while. Given that the Firestick domain was due for renewal I decided to buy my new domain, I’ve already set up HTTP redirects for everything on the old domain.

I’m also moving my email address, which is going to take a bloody long while, as it has to work through four years of my crap. I’ll also have to see how Zoho handles mail forwarding to see if I can properly redirect my old domain’s email to my new one. It appears to be easy to set up, I just hope it doesn’t throw away spam while forwarding, as Zoho’s antispam is a little bit triggerhappy…

I give up

I don’t know what change or bug is causing WordPress to scale my images in such a horrible fashion, but I can’t be bothered to deal with it anymore. Seems to be to do with the container width being too thin, or something. I don’t know, I give up. At least it gives me something to write about, I guess.

I changed the theme to Twenty Fifteen. I also made it purple.

It’ll do.

The theme broked, I think

Not sure when, but at some point a WordPress update broke my theme quite subtley, as images seem to be horribly stretched. This is most noticeable on the “Comments” and “I bought a Wii U” articles. I use a slightly modified Twenty Bean theme, which makes it responsive among a few other tweaks. The theme hasn’t ever been updated since I made it in Februrary though and is probably slightly incompatible with the newer WordPress versions. The best course of action, I think, would be to just clone the Twenty Ten repo at the point I made my own theme, then copy my changes over it, then merge my way up to the current version.

Or just switch to Jekyll again, so I can switch back to WordPress after not blogging for a few months. Yeah, that usually works out well…

Update: nope, just WordPress being a buggy thing. The theme is fine, I guess? It affects some other themes too. Oh well, not sure what I can do to fix it.


Jetpack has decided they’ll be dropping their mobile theme in March, which sucks – I used it to have decent themes on both desktop and mobile. Unfortunately there aren’t really any other responsive themes I like as much as Twenty Ten, which I use for desktop – Twenty Twelve is nice, and is responsive, but I like Twenty Ten the most. So I just modified Twenty Ten into Twenty Bean, which is responsive. Surprisingly not that difficult, though I might have to adjust some padding, as there’s a bit too much whitespace on mobile. Despite that, it looks pretty good, I think.