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Comments is a small demo I wrote to play around with three.js and It gives you a procedurally-generated practically infinite world for you to roam about in, and you can leave comments for other players to see. Both the … Continue reading

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Jetpack has decided they’ll be dropping their mobile theme in March, which sucks – I used it to have decent themes on both desktop and mobile. Unfortunately there aren’t really any other responsive themes I like as much as Twenty … Continue reading

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New server… sort of

Earlier today I largely finished migrating my server from an old and crusty Ubuntu 18.04 Linode – which had seen many Ubuntu upgrades – to a new openSUSE Leap 15.1-based Linode. I’m quite partial to openSUSE, I run Tumbleweed on … Continue reading

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Wii U update

USB storage My previous Anker SD card reader broke – it would think all full-size SD cards inserted into it were write-protected, even though they weren’t – so I ended up buying a UGREEN SD card adapter instead. It works … Continue reading

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