USB storage

My previous Anker SD card reader broke - it would think all full-size SD cards inserted into it were write-protected, even though they weren’t - so I ended up buying a UGREEN SD card adapter instead. It works fine and is fast enough. It still requires that I use the full-SD slot though, I assume the Wii U only accepts the first drive presented via USB, which happens to be the full-size SD slot.

LAN adapter

I ended up buying a LAN adapter because, you know, it’s a Nintendo product, the Wi-Fi is awful. I bought the adapter for £5 + £1.50 shipping from CeX, and got some Chinese clone - but who cares, it works well.

And more modding

I installed Coldboot Haxchi on my Wii U. Haxchi is basically an exploit that turns a Virtual Console DS title into a custom firmware launcher, and Coldboot Haxchi is another exploit that sets that DS title as your Wii U’s boot title (instead of the Wii U menu). So now I don’t have to deal with the web browser whenever I want to use CFW. Also, I can brick my system by deleting a DS game! Woo!

It requires a legit VC DS game from the eShop to work - and interestingly, I apparently already owned Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training, despite never having bought it. Interesting. But it worked, so I guess that means my Wii U technically boots into Brain Training. Neat.

That’s basically all that’s happened with my Wii U so far, I’ve been playing a lot of Splatoon (of course) and some Wind Waker HD every now and again. Maybe I’ll play some of the other games I downloaded sometime… Also, really wish it supported full-range RGB, but whatever. I’ll have to live with everything looking washed out.