May as well.

Apple Watch

You know a generation is uninteresting when they open with “smoother animations” as one of their headlining features.

The only thing that could drive me to upgrade is my Series 7’s battery rotting (it’s at 84% health right now, and sometimes it doesn’t last all day anymore.)

Apple Watch Ultra

3000 nits wtf. I wish my MacBook had that brightness; it reaches like 1200 when not playing HDR, and even then I can barely see it in the sun.


I’m still mostly happy with my 13 Pro Max, but having USB-C would be very convenient. Literally the only things I have that use Lighting are my iPhone and my rarely-used AirPods. And I only have so many chargers - no longer having to swap cable depending whether I want to charge my iPhone or literally anything that is not my iPhone gets a bit annoying. Still, thank you, EU. I miss you dearly.

The regular iPhone being USB 2.0 only sucks, but I’m a Pro user, and the new Pros use USB 3.0. About bloody time, my 13 Pro Max is only USB 2.0! It cost me £1149!!

The camera stuff is cool, but did they fix the watercolour effect that their sharpening filter exhibits sometimes?

The A-series chips getting real-time raytracing before the M-series is a bit interesting, but we’ll probably see that in the Macs whenever they announce the M3 family.

Also, the silent switch was fun to fidget with, even if I left it on silent most of the time. I’ll miss it.

USB-C to Lightning Adapter

£30 lmao

EarPods (USB-C)

Can you blame me for entirely forgetting that Apple made these? I wonder how these end up a tenner cheaper than that Lightning adapter.